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    New daily rates for storage – view our storage page for the details.

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    Just a reminder, we can only guarantee our Cash Bids during open CBOT Trading Hours. Call our office: 715-879-5586 for the current price between 8:30am–1:15pm Mon–Fri.

    (See below) for information on our 2017 Fall Contracts.

    Last updated: Oct. 3, 2017

  • Harvest Hours

    Elk Mound
    Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM
    Closed Sunday
    Call Steve at 715-456-2299

    Pleasant Valley
    Monday – Friday 8 AM – 7 PM
    Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM
    Closed Sunday
    Call Mike at 715-210-8980

    Call ahead pending inclement weather!

  • 2017 Fall Contract Specials

    posted Oct. 3, 2017

    Average Price Contract

    Minimize the hassle and guess work that goes into marketing your crop. With this contract, you save on storage fees, will not have any additional shrink and also save on interest costs by receiving an advance on your grain right away. Bushels are priced using the closing May futures price on every Wednesday from January 1, 2018 – May 2, 2018. Final payment to be made on or prior to May 11, 2018.

    How it works: Producer commits a minimum of 1,000 bushels of corn or soybeans to the program prior to January 1, 2018. On the day the grain is applied to the contact, the producer will receive a 60% advance based on the closing day’s cash price less a 3 cent service fee for the contract. There are 18 pricing dates during this pricing period. We will take the number of bushels committed divided by 18 and that would be the number of bushels priced every Wednesday. At the end of the pricing period, the average May futures price will be determined and a final price set. Please be advised that the amount you receive as an advance is not your minimum price, you still are subject to the movement of the market.

    You will have a one time opportunity to price out any unpriced bushels on any date at the posted May futures price during the CBOT day market session for a 5 cent early term fee. The unpriced bushels will be averaged with the bushels that have been priced to date and will generate one final price.

    Minimum Price Contract

    With this contract, you establish a floor price for your grain while maintaining the opportunity to participate in market rallies. You will receive the minimum price up front which can ease cash flow and save on interest costs. There are no additional costs and the price received can never go lower!

    How it works: The posted cash price at harvest is $x.xx. You want to sell grain today, but be able to get a higher price if the market rallies. You purchase a call option in a future delivery period and a strike price that has a premium cost associated with it. Once your option month and strike price is selected, your final price will be determined by the value of your futures call option. For example, if you buy a July $4.00 corn call, whatever value this call has will be added onto to your Minimum Price. If futures rally to $4.75, your call will have at least 75 cents of value and if July futures are $3.25, the call would be worthless. The advantage of using the Call option is that it eliminates storage and downside risk in case the market does goes down or even stays in a narrow range. Please note, this contract requires a 5,000 bushel minimum to sign up and higher futures prices many not guarantee an equally higher price than the minimum price quoted.

    Basis Purchase Contract

    With a basis contract, you eliminate storage and extra shrink fees while being open if futures price rises. You will receive 60% of the fall price upon delivery and the balance of the payment (if the board price does break beyond your 60% advance) once you set your futures price. Pricing needs to be done during open trading hours and any rolls will not be allowed into new crop for 2018. Each roll will be assessed a 1 cent fee. No minimum bushels to participate! We believe this is a lower-cost option than paying storage and interest.

  • About Meyer Brothers Grain

    Independently owned and operated, Meyer Brothers Grain is the most competitive grain drying, storage, and trucking company in Northwestern Wisconsin. Between our two facilities – in Elk Mound and Pleasant Valley – we store more than 4 million bushels of grain each season, can dry up to 12,000 bushels an hour, and have a fleet of 25 tractors and various trailers available for transportation needs. With four dump sites in Elk Mound and two in Pleasant Valley, as well as 260,000 bushels of wet grain storage, our operations are built to get you rolling across the scale, weighed, tested, and dumped both quickly and efficiently.

Two Wisconsin Locations

Elk Mound, WI

Headquarters, drying, storage, trucking

Pleasant Valley, WI

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